June 21, 2016

Hike 24 & 25 (MON/TUES) : Bruce Trail Hike – Toronto Section End-To-End
50 kms in total, over 2 days of hiking is what it took to start, and end, the Toronto Section of the Bruce Trail. Wake up 4am – on the road 4:30am, arrive in area 6:15. Immediately, I have to start battling the mosquitoes (don’t they ever sleep!). I saw beautiful forest with ancient trees, a coyote attack on geese, and I found 19 turkey vulture feathers. The price I paid was with several blisters on my feet and scratches on my arms and legs…now after a couple days off to heal, I will move on to Caledon section! Cathy Hamel you know what I mean with the blisters, especially in this swampy area!


Ruins Side Trail

This abandoned farmhouse from the early to mid-1800’s used to be adorned with a wrap-around porch facing the river below. The lower field (below the trail) was a horse pasture while the upper portions were used for crops.The side-trail used to be the farmer’s dirt road leading them by horse & buggy to Guelph Line, where they ran errands at the General Store (now The Lowville Bistro).

After passing the “ruin,” the trail curves back along Bronte Creek — the “river” part of the trail’s name. Huge willow trees line the water’s edge and impressive bridges have been built by Bruce Trail volunteers to provide easy passage.